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Airplay to Apple TV crashes wireless router

Published 2014-1-12 (Modified 2014-1-12)

On Friday, my better half complained about problems with the wi-fi while I was away. She was trying to listen to an audiobook, airplaying from her iPhone through the Apple TV, but discovered that the wireless network was down. After some router restarts it came back. And today the same happened when I tried to airplay first a podcast, and then an audiobook from my phone.

In all cases this happened: The wireless started out working just fine. When starting the airplay streaming, the phone acted like it was streaming, but no sound came from the Apple TV. And then the internet was gone from the wireless network, meaning that all devices connected lost their internet connection. To get the internet back, we had to first restart the router, then the Apple TV. The internet came back, and the airplay worked. Once. If we paused the playback, and started again, the internet would freeze once more.

The solution was to disable the WMM (wireless multi-media) support on the router, under the routers Quality of Service settings. This setting is for giving multi-media (like video and audio) priority over the wireless network. Checking around on the net, most hits when searching for WMM were for guides on how to disable it, not many for the benefits of having it enabled. But I’m sure there are reasons for it. But us, being just two, and the way we use our wireless, I don’t think this will affect whatever we are streaming. And now the airplay actually works, so I’m not going back.

This is how it was done, on a Linksys E2500:

Go to in a browser to access the routers admin page, and enter the login info when promted. Our info was on a sticker on the router from our cable provider. If you don’t have any, the default login is username admin with no password. In worst case, I think you can reset the router, and aslo resetting the login info in the same go.

After logging in, go to Application & Gaming -> Qos, and press Disabled on WMM Support. And after Save Settings, you should be ok. Mind, our router decided to freeze after pressing Save, but was ok with the new setting after a restart.

Disabling WMM support on a Linksys E2500

The procedure should be pretty similar on other routers as well.

Still not sure on why it acted up, while working just fine earlier.