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Check Point Endpoint Security breaks Chromecast streaming

Published 2014-1-13 (Modified 2014-1-13)

This Christmas I was given a Google Chromecast, and I’ve now finally gotten around to actually installing it. The setup was a breeze, and streaming from my iPhone was working as it should. But I was not able to connect my MacBook Pro (running Mavericks) to it. I downloaded the Chromecast App, but it was not able to find the device. It would do a little searching…

Chromecast searching

…and then telling me that no devices was found.

No chromecasts found

The Google documentation wasn’t very informative, and didn’t help me much with this particular problem, or so I believed. But one of the pages I found while searching for an answer, commented on that disabling Blackberry Link helped. Blackberry Link created a VPN to connect Blackberry devices, and Chromecast don’t work over VPN, as the documentation stated.

I had VPN software installed, Check Point Endpoint Security. But I didn’t think that this mattered, as long as I didn’t start it. Turned out I was wrong. Because after uninstalling it, my computer found the Chromecast right away. I didn’t find any settings to change whatever the VPN client was doing, and since I wasn’t really using it anymore, it was easier to just remove it to do the testing, instead of digging around some more.

Chromecast found

And now I can stream video as I please from my Chrome browser to my TV. And it works almost as it should.