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Could not verify the integrity of the installer

Published 2014-3-22

I wanted to play Settlers 7 the other day, and decided to install it on my work Mac, hoping I could use higher graphic settings than on my own, older Mac. But I only had the game on a CD, and this Mac had no CD player. So I copied the CD onto an USB stick on another machine, and then copied the installation folder from the USB onto the Mac.

But when trying to run the installer from the folder that was now living on my desktop, I got a message telling me “Could not verify the integrity of the installer“.

Could not verify the integrity of the installer

Turns out this was my Mac telling me that that it didn’t think that this was a genuine installer, and wanted it on a form of disk. So the solution was then to create a disk image from the folder.

To do so, I opened Disk Utility from Applications -> Utilites. There I clicked on New Image, and got a option window for the new image. I chose custom size, giving it 10 GB. More than it needed, but I was deleting it straight away, so I didn’t mind. Other than giving it a new new new, I only changed one other thing; changed Partitions to Single partition – CD/DVD.

Creating new disk image

Pressing the Create button created the image, here illustrated by a very informative screen cap if you haven’t seen a progress bar before.

A progress bar

This left me with a dmg (disk image) file with a disk attached.

Disk image

Double clicking on the disk, named settlers, opened its folder, and I was then able to copy all the installation files to the disk.

Disk content

And then it was just a case of double clicking the installer, and I had a game (mind you, only after close to an hour worth of game updates…).

Settlers 7 installation screen

Integrity verified!