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Starting #100DaysOfCode

Published 2018-8-20

Today I took the plunge and committed to the #100DaysOfCode challenge. Meaning for the next 100 days, I will be coding for at least one hour every day. With some exceptions. You can check out the rules on the #100DaysOfCode website.

This will of course be in addition to the coding I do at my day job.

I’m starting the challenge with this website. This is a standard WordPress blog, that hasn’t been touched in years (so very standard). The goal is to make the WordPress installation headless, and use a front written in JavaScript, with React in Next.js. This is something I also want to do with a couple of other blogs i administer.

Later I have a couple of other projects I want to kick off, but I haven’t decided on the order of which to do them.

The main goal with the challenge is to improve on my JavaScript and React skills. But I will also include things like server admin in the challenge, as this is also something I want to improve on. But just reading and learning without a terminal is not included.

The code I write, will be published to my GitHub profile, on https://github.com/jonasknutsen. I will also document the challenge on my Twitter account @jonasknutsen. And I will post updates here on the blog as well, but not everyday.

So check it out if you want, and I’ll se you on the other side.